Nice to Buy Verint

By Chris Vitek

For the contact center folks this is a big deal.  Not many details, just this at Forbes.

These two companies have been toe-to-toe on contact center reporting, forecasting, scheduling, recording, screen capture and advanced analytic deals for many years.  They have tried to develop new products like computer utilization metrics, but the market has not responded favorably.  They have existed by taking business from each other and from Aspect.  Interestingly, their workforce management tools, while similar in function were developed from two different approaches and processor platforms.  The cost to integrate these platforms into a single software release will be significant.  This leaves them two choices 1) continue to support both products or 2) cut one loose.  The investors will prefer 2 and the customer will prefer 1.  Although, architecturally different, their functions and reports are nearly identical, so migrating half of their installed-base of customers to the other platform will not cause a functional problems with forecasting or scheduling for customers, other than the need to rebuilt the statistical models from one platform to the other.  Porting is possible, but may be difficult given the internal architecture differences on each platform.

In some respects this type of acquisition is to be expected.  There is not a lot of organic growth to be had in the enterprise telecom space.  Acquisition is the only path left for investors.

3/7/13 Update: I sent an e-mail to NICE’s investor relations two weeks ago…no response.

One Response to Nice to Buy Verint

  1. brucehburgess says:

    Two of the three biggest players in the Call Recording / Workforce Management market merging is a very big deal.

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